Cost to Winterize a Bass Boat


The cost associated to winterizing your bass boat depends on how you want to store it for the winter? You can store a boat in your own backyard, shrink-wrapped at a boatyard or indoor storage. You also have to consider these other factors: do you want to save money and keep you boat in the backyard, have it fully protected indoors, or able to work on it at storage facility. Besides storage costs, other costs include maintenance and cleaning.

A lot of boat owners keep their boats in their backyards because you do not have to pay for storage. Most of the costs are associated with any shrink wrap, boat covers or winterizing kits that you purchase on your own. You can spend anywhere from $20 to $2000 dollars on a boat cover, depending on the quality and size. Also depends on if the boat cover is purchased at a retailer or is custom made. If you buy a boat cover online or at a retail store, you will pay a much lower price than custom fitted boat cover. The pro versus con of buying a custom boat cover is the fact that the custom cover will be tightly fit and snug, whereas a universal or generic cover will sag and you will have a lot of extra fabric that may rip and whip in the wind. The sagging will be caused by the rain and snow that will settle in the uneven spots.

Storing your boat in your own backyard will allow you work on the boat whenever weather permits. The best cover to buy for your bass boat is a breathable and water-resistant fabric. This will allow air flow to prevent mildew and blow ultraviolet sun rays than can damage your bass boat interior.

Shrink-wrapping keeps the bass boat dry and you do not have to take care of it all winter long. You can keep it outside, in the garage or a store facility. Most shrink wraps are recyclable. It acts like a boat cover and will support snow buildup. The cost of shrink wrapping your boat can range anywhere from $6 to $20 per foot depending on where you are located. Some stores sell do-it-yourself shrink wrapping kits.

There are several types of indoor boat storages; marinas, boatyards, unheated warehouses and personal storage unites all offer weather protection for your bass boat. Some marinas and boat yards have dry stacks, which are like shoe racks for a boat. They keep your boat dry and off the ground in a well ventilated building. Most are not heated because they are outdoors. If you plan on using a personal storage unit you can expect to pay at least $100 dollars a month. Personal storage units are not heated and you may also have to get additional insurance on the boat for storing it at third parties place of business. Check with your insurance company to make sure your bass boat will be covered if you store it off site, other than your own property.

If you do not want to do your own maintenance, some boat yards will take control of maintenance, storage and winterization. But, this may cost anywhere from $20 to $50 per foot, depending on where the boat is. Some facilities control when you can bring the boat into storage and when you can pull the boat out of storage; then once the boat is in storage there is no access. When it comes to indoor storage, look for a facility that offers full access and is heated. You may not necessarily have to winterize your boat and there are technicians there to work on them all winter long.

If you have the space, the best method to storage your bass boat is your own property. Then take your bass boat to your local dealer or mechanic for its regular maintenance or repairs. The ultimate solution is your garage or out building where you have easy access to your own tools.

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